Sunday, February 24, 2019

Converting BeWeather Sets to Eye In Sky

Some people are still confused so I am adding step by step instructions. I hope this helps.

Steps to converting BeWeather from your phone:
Install Eye in Sky weather app. It doesn’t matter whether you have paid version or not.

Using your file manager (I use File Manager Flashlight + Clock) but there's Astro, ES File Explorer, etc. Move your bwi file to the EIS (Eye In Sky) weather folder located at Android > data >> Custom Icon Sets (put it in the Custom Icon Sets folder). Also put the map.txt found in a link on my site in that folder.

Hard press the bwi file and select “rename”. Change bwi to zip. For example MyHeart.bwi will now be 

Now hard press the file again and select “extract”. Extract to MyHeart (or whatever your sets name is). It will extract all the icons into a folder name MyHeart. 

Go into that folder and delete the following images: chanceflurries, chanceflurriesn, chancesleet, chancesleetn, clear, clearn, partlysunny, partlysunnyn  plus delete any moon phases if there are any (Moon0-Moon30)

Open the map.txt and change the Author name to the creator of beweather icon set. For URL add their website or Instagram. You will need a text editor on your phone to do this. Save when done. 

Place the map.txt file inside the new folder you had just created (with the weather icons).

That should be all you need to do. Other themers may use a different “map”. Your icon names just need to match what is in the map. 

Take your BeWeather icon set and change the bwi extension to .zip

 Unzip and open folder. Some sets have moon phases, others don't. If your set does, delete the moon phases.

Open the map.txt file (Located Here). Change "author" to the name of the person who created your beweather set and if they have a website or blog, put the link in URL. Make sure you have icons for each category. Some are repeated like chancerain (that is under CHANCE_OF_RAIN_D, MIST_D, SHOWERS_D). 

Remove chanceflurries, chanceflurriesn, chancesleet, chancesleetn, clear, clearn, partlysunny, partlysunnyn from the unzipped beweather file. If you want to keep them, change the name of the map labels. The names in the map MUST match the names in your file.

Place the folder with your icons and map into Android--> data-->> Custom Icon Sets. Use a file manager to move the folder 

 This is what the folder looks like

If you need any help, please let me know. It is pretty easy once you've done one :)


Kriszti said...

Thank u so much for the EIS sets and how to! However I don't have the text editor to convert them! Would b nice tho!

Angie said...

Thank you for your great tutorial! I have such a lot beweather skins and now I can use it with the Eye in the sky app! :-)